Designer Shoe Warehouse Article for Seeking Alpha

My second article for Seeking Alpha is now available. DSW: A Solid Retailer Taking Ambitious Risks

This article lays out the bull case for DSW Inc. (NYSE: DSW), and why I am accumulating shares. DSW is growing while other retailers are closing stores. It’s a risky strategy, but check out the article to see why I’m on board. Thanks

As always, feel free to look at my portfolio and see how I’m doing. Usually I own or plan to own stock in many of the companies I write about. Specific numbers I reference may not be completely accurate; different online financial sources often have somewhat conflicting information. Verify information via multiple sources you trust. Please READ MY DISCLIAMER. Do not take action in the market simply because of what you read here. I write about what I am doing and what I think, I am not advising anyone to do anything. Make your own decisions, do your own research, and never rely on any single source for information. Some of my ‘picks’ and strategies WILL lose money, that’s the way the market works. I am not a financial professional; do not rely on me as such.

Thank you,

Michael, the Stock Picking Bartender,

Reno, Nevada

One comment on “Designer Shoe Warehouse Article for Seeking Alpha

  1. Set Lewis says:

    Many thanks for the excellent article. How do you use the economy in your bar?


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